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I want to take a moment to sincerely thank every one of you that have allowed me to be a part of this fandom this year. You guys got me through one of the biggest and most challenging transitions in my life. Talking about Parks and Rec was great, and all of the side conversations about the real world or fictional characters got me to today. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You. I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again: The Parks and Rec fandom is the best fandom, the most supportive fandom, and the kindest fandom. Thank you for being my weirdoes that care and allowing me to be one back to you.

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It’s going to be okay guys. I promise. We all trust this little show. We trust that these characters, who have been written so beautifully over the past six years, will continue to be themselves. In five months we will once again get to share in their journeys, and the three year time jump will slowly seem like nothing at all. It is hard right now, I know. Creative decisions had to be made because unfortunately, no matter how much I wish they could, a TV show cannot be based solely on a few cute pregnant scenes and a birth episode. This way we really get to see Ben and Leslie succeed. This way we finally get to see a female character get it all - love her family and her job equally.

Man, I for one am so excited to see that. We need Leslie Knope and her career progression more than air

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why would they do that to ben and not leslie tho like that would be kinda strange and also ben cant even look at a camera without being a fuckin weirdo how would he have won an election

I actually do not think it is strange at all. Leslie always loved the service side of politics and Ben had the knack for the actual politics side of it. He loves the numbers, budgeting, and hard decisions that are involved. He also is okay when it comes to talking about Pawnee itself. That is apparent when he was pitching for free wifi tonight or being City Manager. Sure he would struggle, but he’s done it before. He always wanted to run for office again. He served a few years as City Manager, got a great reputation and the election ran itself.

Leslie disliked all that stuff. Leslie decided when she took the job at the National Parks Service that her end game was public service and that for now that would be through creating fun, sustainable parks.

In my opinion both careers fit the people that Ben and Leslie have become so perfectly. Ben loves the politics side and Leslie loves the service side. Neither are better or worse. Both are incredibly important and keep our democracy viable and our government open. Both will shape 1/3 of the supreme court someday.

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Alright I take it back. Schur’s interview calms my fears a little bit. Parks should hopefully be back in September

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Then we had a conversation about the show’s future with NBC, and got a very strong indication that we would be back for season seven, so we turned our minds toward doing something that would inject another season’s worth of story into the finale. That either meant rebreaking the main action, in certain ways, to make it more forward-thinking, or doing something at the end that would shake everything up, and since we liked the stories we’d broken we went with the latter.
Michael Schur

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Anonymous asked: if they start season 7 in january do you think it would be 13 or 22 episode?

January automatically means 13 or 16